Online Workshop Accelerating the product development process with no/low code prototyping

Content – What do you learn?
The workshop covers the fundamentals of no code/low code tools and platforms for rapid prototyping. Participants are therefore shortly introduced to the theory behind prototyping and what are the key benefits of it and how it ensures that new products are thoroughly tested and evaluated before moving forward.

The Workshop dedicates a significant portion of its time to demonstrating to participants a practical application of Figma as a low-code platform. Through this example, attendees learn how to swiftly construct prototypes, showcasing key elements such as usability, responsiveness, interfaces, interactions, and functionality. Additionally, Framer is introduced for website development, aided by GenAI.
Prototype design or development of physical products is not part of the workshop.

Methodology – How do you learn?

The workshop is divided into two methodological parts. Firstly, you will get a theoretical background on the topic through a lecture supported with visual materials (takes a shorter part). Secondly, you will experience two specific low code tools for building prototypes and get an impression of them in a live session.

First part:
• What is a prototype?
• What does no/low code mean?

Second part:
• Hands-on prototype example with Figma and Framer

Competences – How does the workshop support you?
This workshop provides you with several key points of prototyping as well as no code/low code tools. The focus on digital prototyping gives participants knowledge about rapidly creating and testing product ideas, allowing them to iterate quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the introduction to Framer provides you a valuable tool for creating websites to market your digital products without requiring extensive coding knowledge.

Practical examples
Live preview on developing a prototype with Figma and Framer.

Your preparation
No preparation needed.

Short biography of the speakers
Tristan Geisbichler has more than 10 years of experience in various areas of IT & digitalization. He has worked as a developer (frontend, full stack), IT System engineer and Modern Workplace Architect. He has also done many projects as a graphic & web designer and describes himself a “Pixel Pusher” based on his passion for design.
Stefan Scherz has also different stations along his journey in the world of IT. In the recent years he has worked as a solution architect for various big customers and was part time responsible for product development of cloud services.
Together they founded in 2022 an IT Consulting and Service company called Cloudwunder located in Wiener Neustadt, south of Vienna. They support innovative companies in the SME and start-up sector by taking over the technical part, driving digitalization through implementing new IT systems accelerated with the capabilities of cloud and blockchain services. Their vision is a digital world with unlimited possibilities for everyone.

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03. Apr 2024


16:00 - 18:00



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