Ideation Workshop: Creating Sustainable Business Ideas: Unleashing the Power of SDGs

Wherever you look, businesses without a focus on sustainability issues begin to struggle in keeping up with a fast-changing economic, social, and natural environment. Just think about climate change and its ramifications on important organizational success criteria like finding the right talents amongst environmentally conscious GenZs (“Hello climate quitters”), broken supply chains due to extreme weather, or getting external funding that is mandatorily linked to your company’s ESG rating. On the other hand, as management guru Peter Drucker once said, every problem is an entrepreneurial opportunity.
In this workshop we’re taking up on Drucker’s notion and combine sustainability and business to create ideas with a purpose. You’ll be doing it “right” from the start instead of having a need to revisit your idea scanning and adapting for sustainability issues at a later stage. As the field of sustainability is a large and complex one, we’ll be using the SDGs (the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals) as a guiding framework.

You will
• learn about the SDGs as a framework for businesses;
• understand the underlying structure of goals and targets;
• and use the SDGs as inspirational source for generating sustainable business ideas.

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24. Okt 2023


17:00 - 20:00


City Campus Wiener Neustadt

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