Ideation Workshop: How to Innovate with Impact – A Customer-Centric Workshop

You have an idea, but don’t know how and where to start?
Lean innovation methods focus on the customer. Many founders have a variety of ideas, but the biggest challenge is that these ideas are often created within their own environment and often without any contact to the customer. This leads to ideas, products and services being developed without considering the needs of the customer.
„Customer Exploration“ is about focusing on the customer and their needs and understanding in detail the needs, desires and problems of the selected target group. In this workshop, participants learn and try out various methods to understand the customer as quickly as possible. The methods are particularly suitable for better understanding and questioning the needs and challenges of one’s own customers. These insights can then be specifically addressed in further product development.
This seminar will give you insights into the toolbox for evaluating ideas and Eric will explain which methods he used to develop his product ideas and to work out the added value for his customers in the best possible way. The session is designed to shed light on a handful of possibilities so that you and your idea can take a big step forward in no time.

Thus, you will
– Learn how to develop your value proposition
– Know which things you need to clarify with the help of the Business Model Canvas (BMC).
– Test your ideas with the help of hypotheses

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05. Dez 2023


16:00 - 19:00

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